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Vinyl Car Wrap

Light Films

Headlight & Window Film

Perforated Light Film

Paint Protection Film

Wood Grain Vinyls

Clock Movements

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Reptile Bulbs

Frosted Privacy Film

Camouflage Vinyls

Gripper Magnets

Squeegee Applicator

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Replacement clock movements

Clock Movements



5% UVB Reptile light bulb 26 watt

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Car Style Plus



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Car Wrap, Light Film and Window Tint

Car Wrap Vinyl Film / Sheet  -  UK Orders Only..

High quality car wrap film manufactured in Japan. Some with a 3D textured surface finish to make it look and feel just like real carbon fibre. Once fitted and viewed from different angles, the carbon film reflects light in the exact same way as real carbon fibre. The rear face is self adhesive and the matrix, black and chrome versions have very small air drain channels to aid installation which help to avoid issues with trapped air bubbles. We also stock gloss vinyls, perforated film for headlights etc. and wood grain effect. +

Autumn Tree Car Wrap
Smoked Chrome Mirror Car Wrap
Winter Real Tree car wrap
Skate  Stickerbomb
Black and White Skate Stickerbomb

Vinyl Car Wrap - All Colours

Perforated Mesh Light Film

Headlight & Window Tint Film

Wood Grain Vinyl

Clear Paint Protection Film

Soft Top Tinting Film

Car wrap magnets
Car wrap squeegee

Gripper Magnets

Squeegee Applicator

Brushed aluminium vinyl
Blue matt pearl vinyl

Brushed Aluminium

Matt blue pearl vinyl

Mirror Purple Chrome

Satin chrome red

Black high gloss carbon fibre

Matt black vinyl

Satin Chrome Red


Matt Black

Large check vinyl
Satin Chrome Blue Vinyl

Metallic Purple Bronze

Black & White Chequered

Satin Chrome Blue

Mahogany vinyl
Chameleon purple to bronze
Gold chrome car wrap

Mahogany Wood Grain

Chameleon Purple - Bronze

Mirror Chrome Gold

Blue fly eye
Headlight tinting film
Pearlescent White to Blue

Blue Perforated Mesh Film

Window Tinting Films

Red Fly Eye Mesh

White fly eye
Transparent paint protection film
Matt white vinyl

White Perforated Film

Clear Paint Protection Film

Matt White Vinyl

Dark blue 3D carbon fibre
Mirror chrome green car wrap
Red chrome mirror car wrap

Dark Blue 3D Vinyl

Mirror Green Chrome Vinyl

Mirror Red Chrome

Chequered car wrap
Gloss black vinyl
Camouflage car wrap


Gloss Black


Sahara camo car wrap
Conform Chrome Silver Car Wrap Vinyl
Matt hot pink car wrap

Sahara Camouflage

Citrine Yellow

Matt Hot Pink

Green light film
Pink headlight film
Purple light film

Green Light Film

Pink Light Film

Purple Light Film

Matt grey metallic vinyl
Chrome vinyl
Eurostyle Stickerbomb

Matt Grey Metallic

Mirror Chrome

Eurostyle Stickerbomb

Blue carbon fibre vinyl
Orange 3D Carbon Fibre
Purple Carbon Fibre Car Wrap

Blue Carbon Fibre

Orange Carbon Fibre

Purple Carbon Fibre

Gloss white vinyl
Artic Camo
Medium smoke

White Gloss

Arctic Camouflage

Medium Smoke Film

Chameleon Purple Wrap
Pearlescent White to Purple
Black 3D carbon fibre vinyl
Urban Graffiti Small V2
Pixel Camouflage Car Wrap
Gloss green car wrap
4D Chrome Silver Carbon Fibre
Azure Blue Gloss Car Wrap
Satin Chrome Orange Car Wrap


Arctic pixel camouflage
Cherry Wood Vinyl